Dig by A.S King

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I bought Dig about a month ago after one of my Young Adult Literature students recommended it, but I picked it up to read the Saturday before Easter and finished it on Easter Sunday. Given that this book has an underlying theme of fate, I find the timing of my read “fateful.” 

Dig starts and ends on Easter Sunday and traverses the lives of five teenagers brought together, not by fate, but by family. A.S. King has created unforgettable characters who draw you into their lives.

A little fanciful, a little raw and a whole lot of fun I closed Dig with tears in my eyes. They weren’t sad tears, they were tears of wonder, that on Easter I was able to experience a book I will never forget and whose characters will continue to live in my heart, for their quirkiness and their honesty. Oh, and their ethical and combined hatred of white supremacy, the subtle and not so subtle underlying theme. 

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